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Vulkem 350

Basecoat and Under Tile Waterproofing Membrane

Vulkem® 350 is a single-component polyurethane basecoat that possesses tenacious adhesion to clean and dry concrete, wood and metal. Vulkem 350 is a versatile basecoat that can be applied underneath any Vulkem topcoat or used under tile. It is available in two viscosities, R (roller-grade) for vertical or horizontal applications and SL (self-leveling) for horizontal applications.

Basic Uses

  • Ideal for plazas, vehicular decks, pool and recreation decks, balcony terraces, mechanical rooms, restrooms, kitchens, stadiums, ramp areas and elevated plenums.
  • May be used as a waterproofing membrane in untreated, non-potable water retention tanks (as commonly used for fire-suppression).